Wharton Customer Analytics

Connects industry with researchers and students with the goal of innovating the field of data analytics, fostering new relationships and creating dynamic thought leadership.

Modo Payments

A mobile payments hub that connects any payment system with any other payment system through a proprietary digital COIN. 

The Internet Marketing Association, with 1M+ members worldwide

The world's most important organization for Internet and online professionals. Over 1M members and growing.


Station Local

Station answers the powerful question: "What is happening around me?", complete with live streaming.

Eco-friendly organic apparel at disruptive direct-to-consumer prices.

Mission Research

Maker of Giftworks, the #1 selling desktop software for helping non-profits manage their donations. Company sold to FrontStream in 2013.


An online marketing platform that delivered embedded marketing widgets and features into existing commerce sites through an easy-to-integrate ASP model. Acquired by Jenzabar Inc. in 2011.


Mobile peripherals and accessories for people on the move. Maker of the best-selling Airframe portable car-mount (#1 selling car-mount in Apple stores).

Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing for social good, leveraging the power of prizes and rewards. 


Before Quora and Yahoo Answers, there was AskMe, the first collaborative expertise network. Acquired by Realcom Inc. in 2008.

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